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Alexia Delas

"Entrepreneurship and creation thrill me.

I am a designer and an illustrator always looking for new challenges!

When I was a kid, my uncle taught me how to paint, based on a Monet painting. Later, I took art & design studies in Paris and Birmingham, had different professional experiences and here I am :).

My ideas often come when I am surrounded with nature or surfing in the ocean!"

Why should you collaborate with me?


  • A pure line and aesthetic that you like

  • My love of life, it's always nicer to work in good spirit and goodwill ^^

  • My experience, 9 years of experience in large corporations as well as in small and medium-size companies, in various creative fields and multicultural environments

My values:

  • Work hard: I am satisfied when I see a big smile on my clients' face :)

  • Be human: fairness and good working vibes for you, my partners and myself

  • Engage in a sustainable economy: I favour natural or sustainable materials as well as local partners

Alexia Delas


I work part-time for my company Alexia Delas Design, part-time for Savencia as Project Innovation manager.


4 years at Savencia [currently]
Food innovation & prospective

3 years at Nestle
Food design & packaging

1 year at Kor Landa Corp (Philippines)
Jewelry design

1 year at Rougier&Plé
Design of art goods & product manager

Master of Research in Innovation & Engineering
Arts & Métiers - ParisTech

Master Product design
Birmingham Inst. of Art & Design (England)

BTS Product Design
ENSAAMA Olivier de Serres


Discover the work here :)

Bouton Menu Illustration
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